What is iPaynow?
iPaynow focuses on enterprise services, provides one-stop payment solutions, Internet marketing services, and other extra third parties additional financial service for business customers. In this Internet era, people emphasis on sharing to others, we would achieve only if wesatisfy others' needs and get the worth-of-mouth. Our aim is making the business more professional, making the commercial more simple.
Integrated Payment Platform
Integrating the mainstream payment platforms, for instance UnionPay, WeChat payment, Alipay and so on. iPaynow helps to analyze all the transaction data and financial messages.
Identity Checking Service
We provide an interface of authenticating identity and bank card information for business customers. They just need to input key information, then could go back to the authentication page immediately. The successful rate is higher than 99.9%.
Internet Marketing Service
Internet marketing platform develops a comprehensive coverage of marketing development needs from the commercial sectors, then your customers would have a intention to purchase one more time.
Financial Service
Join Financial Platform concerns on providing supply chain financing service for Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs). It let sothers' money flow into your pocket, make our money help you to make money.
Integrated Platform
Integrating the mainstream payment platforms, for instance UnionPay,Alipay, WeChat,iPaynow provides one-stop payment solutions for business customers. Once connected, one bill, one platform could solve all the payment problems. Click and Enter
  • Supporting multiple
    payment channels
  • 7*24 hours online
    technical support
  • 30 minutes quick
  • Supporting business and
    individual customers simultaneously
  •  Integrated report to
    re-conciliate from all channels
  • Customized your own
    payment interface
  • Free of charge for opening an account
Join Platform
Focusing on provide supply chain financing for SMEs One contract, one account, one platform, one application could solve all capital problems. Click and Enter
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